Banners and Signs in Plymouth, MI

Banners and Signs

Perfect Impressions is your sign company for all banners and signs solutions. Don’t go back and forth between designer, manufacturer, installer and repair. Get it all done in one place! Many companies will only do part of a banner or sign, especially when it comes to repair. However, Perfect Impressions is your tune-key signs and banners solution in Plymouth MI. 

Banners in Plymouth MI

Banners are a great way to announce sales, new openings, or any other event that doesn’t require a permanent sign. Banners can be done quickly, affordably, and in multiple different materials. Here are some great examples of using banners to increase your foot traffic to your Plymouth business:

  • Quick banner to advertise you’re still open while the surrounding area is under construction
  • Banner at a trade show to welcome attendees to your booth or announcing new products
  • Standing banner to announce the location in the crowded plaza or at a tradeshow
  • Revealing new hours or new products with an attention-grabbing banner
  • Thank an employee or announce a work anniversary

Don’t forget about the different materials available for banners. Indoor banners can be done in affordable materials because they don’t have to face the elements. Outdoor Plymouth banners are still affordable but need to stand up to elements such as direct sun or harsh winters.  

Sign Company in Plymouth MI

Signs can be a tricky business. Many companies will say they can do commercial signs for your Plymouth location, but they are limited to what kind they can do. These sign companies may also not be able to install or repair signs. After all that, you might be feeling pretty frustrated looking for one sign company that can do it all – design, fabrication, installation, and repair. Well, Perfect Impressions is your solution for all your Plymouth sign needs. We are familiar with doing all types of commercial signs in Plymouth.  We know that certain plazas, cities, municipalities, brands, and more have rules regarding signs. And this is ok! We are your premier sign company ready to work with any parameters you need to workaround.

Signs and Banners from Sign Company in Plymouth MI

Plymouth MI is a western suburb of Detroit located about 12 miles from the city center. Like most suburbs in the Midwest, Plymouth experienced booming growth in the 50’s and 60’s due to growing access to city centers because of increased highways and automobile ownership. The population has recently had a slow growth in the past 30 years. Plymouth has plateaued since the 80’s with increases and decreases in the single digits.