Floor decals in Plymouth, MI, for social distancing rules

At Perfect Impressions, we work with you and your budget to create attractive social distancing floor graphics that help promote a healthy and sanitary indoor environment for your business. From design to installation, we are dedicated to providing you with unique and effective floor decals that promote your brand and keep your clients safe.

Since 1989 we’ve been working with residents and businesses in Royal Oak, Plymouth, Canton MI, and the surrounding areas, gaining a reputation for providing the most affordable and distinctive signage in the area. By helping you promote social distancing regulations we’re honored to help keep business and residents in our community safe!


Floor Graphics and Stickers for Social Distancing

The Coronavirus has created a global pandemic that has affected the way we work, shop, and interact with others. With strict social distancing rules that implement physical distancing of at least 6-feet apart, businesses all over the world have had to not only change how they market their products, but how customers engage with their business.

At Perfect Impressions, we have over 30 years of experience helping businesses create attractive graphics and signs that promote their brand and market their business. However, with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, businesses in Canton MI, Plymouth MI, Royal Oak, Novi Mi, Northville, and surrounding areas have had to accommodate social distancing regulations with floor graphics and decals that promote social distancing. These floor graphics act as a tool to keep customers and employees safe, complying with recent regulations to stay a healthy distance apart and prevent the spread of harmful viruses, such as Coronavirus.

Floor Decals

Floor decals can come in a wide range of shapes, colors, designs, and sizes. With an endless variety of options, your social distancing floor decals can be custom-made to fit your client base and market your services. Using floor graphics to enforce social distancing rules doesn’t have to be drab. You can use social distancing markers as an opportunity to make your customers smile and market your brand. Floor decals can be installed in indoor and outdoor spaces to enforce social distancing regulations.

  • Indoor Floor Decals

Indoor floor graphics are ideal for stores and other businesses with checkout lines and aisles that can get congested with customer traffic. Commonly made out of vinyl materials, indoor floor decals are long-lasting and easily installed, making them an ideal option for stores, restaurants, and other essential businesses with heavy foot traffic.

  • Outdoor Floor Decals

Outdoor floor graphics are ideal for business with outdoor areas. They can also be used to enforce social distancing in entryways, ensuring that clients waiting outside stay a healthy distance apart and promote a safe environment.