Trade Show DisplaysTrade Show Display in Northville, MI

Almost everyone has been to a trade show and been overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and attention-grabbing salesmen. How do you make your company stand out? Each company and trade show has its theme and tone – calm and clean or maybe loud and exciting. And, it might change every year. Our designers will work with you to get the design you are looking for that meets both your needs and your desired look. 

  • Banner Stands
  • Truss Systems
  • Fabric Displays
  • Modular Frames
  • Hanging Displays
  • Pop Up Displays
  • Standard Poly Banners
  • HUGE AdMesh Banners (To wrap an entire building)

Trade show displays can be made to fit almost any budget. There is no reason a company should miss out on a potential business changing trade show because they don’t think they can afford a trade show display. Even the most budget-friendly displays can make a big impact.

And, many of our displays are lightweight and/or easy to transport saving on shipping fees.

Trade Show Banners

One of the best ways some of our Northville customers customize their trade show booth is through the use of banners. Often customers will use the same display year after year but will look for some way to customize an event or freshen up their look. Banners can announce new products, highlight products or features that are unique to your company or just grab attention in a sea of booths. Talk to us about affordable options in trade show banners.

Car Wraps and Vehicle Wraps

Car wraps and vehicle wraps are becoming more popular every day. Where you might have seen one or two a couple of years, you now see many during your daily commute. And, there’s good reason why – they work! These mobile billboards are an effective and cost-effective option. What better way to get your company name, services and products in front of new customers in your area every day. Wrapped vehicles also can work as a sign in front of your Northville company or free advertising parked at an event.

Call Perfect Impressions for car wraps, trade show banners, trade show displays, vehicle wraps for Northville MI.

Trade Show Displays in Northville, MI

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